Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's a Bug's Life After All

What do you think about the livelihood of a mosquito? Personally, I feel that mosquitos were a mistake. They only rarely prove to be of limited value, however I'm sure that there are those eensy weensy no-see-ums that love to eat them. Maybe spiders might be included in the list of bugs that aren't necessary for the planet's survival and therefore not necessary for me and maybe even you. I would gladly include black widow spiders on the list of unnecessary creatures. Not only are they creepy but also are they known to be deadly. They are especially scary looking do to the fact that they have the red hourglass body which seems to be common with deadly creatures. What we absolutely should include is one of the truly unnecessary creatures of the ocean-the blue ring octopus and the stone fish. The blue ring octopus' venom is powerful enough to kill humans of which there is no antidote available. The stone fish is particularly creepy in that it occupies the oceans of some of my most favorite places. That would include the wonderfully gorgeous Tahiti where I was particuarly freaked out by walking on or stepping on the venomous stonefish.

What value do mosquitoes have? In fact very little, or probably none, according to me of course. Because for me, mosquitos are a waste of good larva. After all, one should not waste good LARVA. We all know that "waste not want not" and even the bugs have to fall into that category. Yuck! I understand that all living creatures are part of God's creation and that they are intrinsically part of the complex food web which envelops the planet. However, they very often sting me and bite me and cause me to itch and scratch uncontrollably. Eek!

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