Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Tongue-tied is a situation we find ourselves in when we are too excited to speak. I would like to speak about one of the more difficult words I have recently learned from the English language. I find it rather exciting because no matter where I have spoken it, I have found that no one can spell it or pronoun it or define it. It is a true word and it is a wonderful word that one can use to glorify or explain or stupify - it really boggles the mind. I would like to pass this fun little word on to you, my reader. I personally love words such as this one, because they most often do that very thing, which is to either stupify or boggle. It also would be very good for a game of Balderdash.
The word to which I am referring is onomatopoeia, pronounced |ˌänəˌmatəˈpēə; -ˌmätə-|. It is a noun which means the formation of a word (e.g., cuckoo, sizzle) by imitation of a sound made by or associated with what is named. The use of such words is for rhetorical effect.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Sensational Feeling of Dark Chocolate

I would like to remind you about the blissful feeling you get when you ingest the incredible taste of dark chocolate. It is like no other feeling I know of on this planet. Perhaps the best way of describing this feeling, is that it is the ultimate sensation of ecstasy. Euphoria is possibly the best word I can think of that matches what I feel when I ingest that lovely sensation of dark chocolate. I want to be respectful of others that have come before me, that have developed this luscious taste that we now know as See's Candies, and all their magnificent tastes that follow. What more can I say, but that I love it, and it is par excellence to all that choose to make their mouth sing as never before.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's a Frog's Life After All

For laughs and giggles, sing along with Mr. Frog and his happy, jumpy trio! After all, I really love to find laughter in everything, and today is the day that I found my funnybone in this little ditty about Mr. Frog and his happy, swinging trio.

Come join in with our happy trio! We are here to help you to enjoy frogs at their finest! Joy is what we're all about! Frogs sing. Frogs, you know, they leap to get from place to place. Frogs pull out their horns and play their funky music intended to bring laughter and enjoyment to all!

Don't you wish you were a frog?

They're so good that they eat their own flies! On top of that they hang on lilypads for their exuberance and unabashed joy.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

These are the Things I Most Cherish In Life

What I want in this life is a myriad of different things. Essentially, what is really important to me is that I am loved for being who I am - because who I am is a person who loves being in love and who is willing to put her best foot forward and really shine for all that she can be.

I would love to find a true love who is capable of sharing a love for a lifetime. A man who loves to laugh, who loves to go out and have fun and who is funny, who loves to treat a woman like she likes to be treated, who is receptive to receiving love, and who will always be true to me as his hopefully forever partner. He will share the same interests as me, and he will be athletic, intelligent and caring. He will be fond of me, and of doing just about anything that brings joy into our lives.

I want to be with someone who is kind and sweet, yet not too sweet, who is talented and ready to rock and roll! Someone who loves to dance and who is willing to teach me the way he loves to dance as well. Someone who has an innate belief in our God above and shows it by his character, in his actions and by his love of life. Someone who is romantic. Someone who has humility, as though it's stamped on his face, from corner to corner.

I believe that I am already fond of this man that I am looking for and feel that I deserve nothing less than what I'm asking for in him, because I have put my best foot forward in all things that I am speaking of to this point.

This man will hopefully be the love of my life and will stay by my side, wishing me the best, as I wish the best for him. I want to honor him in all of his beautiful actions. I want us to let each know how much we love each other.