Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gifts Galore

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Check out this site if you're looking for ideas for Valentine's Day or other significant events.  They have gifts for all occasions. Want to do something for your sweetie tonight? Well, have a look here and see if there's anything that might suit his or her fancy. We have gifts galore and so many things that are guaranteed to please even the fussiest of Ladies or Gents. 

Just for the Fun of It!

Please get involved with my blog. I am looking for some funny jokes and tales and things that make you wail with laughter. 
 Please join us by telling us any silly or funny stories that others would enjoy getting to hear about.  Some suggestions?  Don't be afraid to tell us about your most embarrassing moments!  We're interested in anything from soup to nuts, whether it is something you said, something you did, something you heard about, or something that just made you feel like laughing. We know everybody likes a good laugh and I am at the top of the list of people who enjoy laughter. Laughter brings relief under pressure, laughter brings hope to the hopeless, laughter can bring  smiles to the downhearted, laughter makes kings from pawns. In essence, laughter simply makes you feel loved. 
Can you imagine if all the politicians in the world were to stop their politics and start telling jokes? Or can you imagine if the terrorists would drop their weapons and turn around a throw a big cheesy smile instead? Or can you imagine if the world would just turn and greet each other with a "how do?" In essence, can you imagine?....¿
Please leave a comment of your choice...this one's for you! Rainbows bring joy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Valentine's Day is Almost Here...

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Do you know you what you're getting your sweetheart yet? Can't go wrong with fresh flowers. But it online and get it fresh! 

Fun For Kids of All Ages

Who doesn't know and love Crayola? After all, every child enjoys being creative and there's no bigger name than Crayola when it comes to crayons and other art supplies. Tried and True through the years Crayola will get you through. From school supplies to Grandma's house, experience the joy of keeping kids busy and happy. Most products are non toxic and water soluble so adults, rest easy, the art project will only last forever if you want it to. 

This Could Be Bliss

There is a subject that I would like to speak about, although it is very difficult for me personally. It is on the topic of pain and the torture that I suffer from it daily and sometimes even hourly. Pain in essence is debilitating. It is difficult for me to write about as I have to deal with pain in such a way that at times it seems as if it is screaming at me. The pain for me is located in my feet and it so loud it is as though someone is screaming in my ear although it is silent. I was so uncomfortable last night I was in tears for hours. My supposition is that it is a very difficult topic for many of my readers out there. I can only imagine that there might be others that also suffer from the dregs of pain and that there are hundreds in my audience that are going through the absolute endurance from the insidious diseases and such that cause misery in all kinds of ways. In essence, I write this to you because I know that there must be quite a few of you that suffer from some similar kind of struggle.

My mission in this Blog that I write for you has a lot to do with the title of my blog which is: iamdelighted. And true it is that I am delighted for so many reasons in spite of the pain.  And here are a few of those reasons: the taste of chocolate ice cream, the scent of a gorgeous gardenia flower, the sound of children's laughter, the feel of my luxurious blanket that keeps me warm, the memories of the first time eating cotton candy or the bliss of your first kiss (hopefully it went well☺), the companionship of a loyal pet, the feeling of freshly brushed teeth, the gift of fruit fresh from the garden, enjoying a great movie and feeling loved just for being you. My prayer for you on this day is that you will experience some (or at least one) of these gifts today or one day very soon. God Bless you and Aloha Nui Loa and  Hui Ho, Tara

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I believe He must be there for there is no doubt that in His glory He is reaching out and speaking to me. His words, though silent, speak loudly and what I hear is so beautiful  I wish I could put it into words and sing a song of the joyous love he has for us. These are the things I long to share with you this day in every way. On this day I send to you blessings from above. He brings me so much happiness and courage to face those difficult times that no doubt we all struggle with. I personally have dealt with an incredible amount of pain and sorrow in my lonely and quiet times, dealing with so many illnesses, breaks, fractures, cancer and a massive stroke. But I'm here to tell you that through it all the Lord has brought me forward, upward, and out of so many of these difficult times. I can only tell you that it was God, our God, the Lord and he has been true to his word that he is always walking by my side. God Bless You and Aloha, Tara.

Doggie Treats and Eats

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Exquisite Chocolates and So Much More


You will not be disappointed with these exquisite chocolates. Presented in elegant, handcrafted Mahogany boxes that are a treasure unto themselves. Truly a remarkable gift. Please check out this website if for nothing more than to read a fabulous historical quote about chocolate.

Tara's Quote of the Day!

"I know I will have arrived when I'm walking down the street and someone whistles at my ass and I wink back. Good Day ."

Thursday, January 15, 2009

 On this day, as well as every day, I wish you joy. I have received quite a bit of mail from my fellow bloggers and I just want to encourage everybody to continue on their positive reach for healing and happiness. It does appear that healing and happiness go together. Another thing I'd like to mention is the importance of laughter. If you add laughter to each day it is amazing how much better you will feel. It is known by my friends that I love to laugh and I have a laugh that is well known for how unique it is. So on this day, I wish each one of you deep and true belly laughter and additionally, I hope that this day will bring you great joy! Until we meet again, A Hui Ho and Aloha Nui Loa from Tara

Starbucks Please!
Everybody knows that Starbucks is the ONLY way to fly! Why Starbucks? That's a simple question to answer. Starbucks is the place you can always expect a GREAT cup of coffee. The atmosphere is casual yet impeccable, as is the service. Starbucks offers a variety of choices for your drinking  pleasure (caffeinated or not).  I personally take delight in the Mocha with chocolate sprinkles on top. YUM! Treat yourself Today! For the Starbuck's nearest you, click on "store locator" at the bottom of the Starbucks Store webpage.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How To Leave a Comment

To whom it may concern (especially Colleen and Garry),
If you'd like to leave a comment about a blog, at the bottom, right hand side of each blog there is a place where you can do that. Simply click on the word "comment".  It is underlined, in smaller text and usually pink. Sometimes it will say: "1 comment" or "2 comments" if someone has already commented on it. You can leave as many comments as you'd care to.  After clicking on "comment", a new page will appear with a box to write in on the upper right hand side of the page. Compose your message and then click on the orange colored rectangle that says: "publish your comment".  This should work. 

Me and My Walker

Me and my walker have become new friends. It's an odd relationship to feel as though a walker can be such an animate object.  Just me and my walker, yes we have become friends. It's just me and my walker, hope it's not friends till the end. It's just me and my walker, for now we take care of each other. She takes care of me and I take care of her. It's just me and my walker, not quite friends till the end, but certainly this is a friendship that will last until these legs can pick up the speed they've always loved to go. You see, me and my walker can't go  snow skiing together and me and my walker can't go swimming together but me and my walker still have so much fun. She nearly breaks me with exhaustion but I see that me and my walker will need to be as close as can be until the time comes that my legs can jump and hop and step and be free. So you see that's the story of me and my walker. She was here for me in my time of need and Lord I can't wait until that time is over and me and my walker will no longer be such an item, but instead we will be a fond memory of a time I needed her and no longer will that be. So thanks for listening to my silly story about my walker and my dreams of stashing her away so that I can pass her on to another friend in need. Indeed! 

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tara's Recipe Picks

I am interested in finding some new favorite recipes to pass along to my readers. I know that everyone probably has a favorite recipe or two or five or ?? and I would love to hear about yours. Please respond by leaving me a comment on this blog.  I'm looking for recipes for children's fun as well as more sophisticated dishes for adults. Please identify what age group your recipes are for. Sending you Aloha from Maui, Tara.

If you are thinking about or are in search of some great information to improve you sex life, or if you're just looking for a great read on intimacy, we reccomend you try this wonderful book filled with ideas and helpful suggestions on how to enhance your experience. " 500 lovemaking Tips and Secrets" was written by Micheal Webb, a very well respected author who is also Oprah's romance expert. 

Here is an example of one person's testimony:
"My pastor actually recommended your material to me when I counseled with him for our marriage problems. He said we should start off setting aside one night a week for lovemaking and trying one new tip from your book each time. Our marriage improved almost instantly and now we have mutually agree to set aside three nights each week and we alternate picking out a new idea that we want to try. Our friends have even commented how much happier we seem to be." – Stanley J. Myakka, City FL

We send you joy in reading each page of this delicious and well written book. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This insightful book has a delightful summery of wonderful ideas in which couples can find fun and giggles together again. I especially like how the author, Michael Webb,  focuses on what you CAN do to improve your relationship as opposed to what you're doing wrong. He gives a lot of useful suggestions for fun, creative ways you can spice up your marriage. Michael has been featured in many publications (including Cosmo) and was even a guest on the Oprah Show. Buy this book for  great read and may it give you new found joy!

Enjoy Being You

I absolutely LOVE THIS BOOK! It gives directions on how to find happiness in everything that you do and remembering that you don't need anything more than just who you are to be happy. I reccomend this book to anyone who strives to find more joy in their life. Here's to your personal discovery of whatever that joy is. So Hip Hip Hooray for this inspirational book on how get the most out of each day starting today.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Why don't you send her flowers tonight? See our future blogs for more gift suggestions. 
Give Love, Share Love, Make Love, Be Love.

I Care About You ♡

Listening is a gift we give to one another. Listening is one of the most important ways of expressing that we care, and it is only when we listen that we learn. To me, it is extremely important to feel like I am heard as it makes me feel a little more important in this fast paced world filled with people who have an attitude of "too hip, gotta go". 

I believe that I need to add that it is as important for me to listen and make sure that I understand what I am hearing so as to make sure I truly understand the importance of what is being said. So in a way, it becomes a form of circular communication, that is, to listen and be heard and to show that I care. 

For Fun and Kicks ☺

Oh, for the love of an Oreo. Can you just imagine life without them? If you're thinking that I am an owner of Nabisco, sadly, I am not. I am just so happy to taste those sweet, sugar filled, chocolate nuggets of joy. 

Well, no doubt, I  love them, kids love them and they leave such a lovely look with that dark brown crumminess in between your teeth sure to impress.  

Oh, to be an Oreo. The beloved little circle of joy. Uh-Oh, it's another Oreo!  You can stick them up your nose and you can put them in your toes, so here goes. What more could you want but an Oreo?

The picture is of this baby's first Oreo. What a delight!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Cat Who Always Came Back

The cat who always came back. I have a cat who I call "the cat in the hat who always comes back" because true enough, my cat, who we now call "mini me" is the oddest kind of cat imaginable. We discovered that he was a she and she is a delight. More over, this cat came to us with no fur and very little for brains but as sweet as you can imagine. When I had the stroke three plus years ago I heard about the cat that drifted into our yard and into our lives and oh how silly this cat is. She knocks things over constantly (she's very uncoordinated) which is probably the reason I call her "that darned cat " and she has since become loved by one and all. Her main occupation after entering herself into our lives as a skinny, skinny, little hairless runt is knocking things over by walking and jumping along windowsills as well as dressers and I guess, well, you name it. She even likes to sleep on rocks and cabinet files! In any case, we are all very tickled at the beautiful fur that she sports three years later. Even though she knocks things over  constantly, we all love her to death. One never knows how blessed a little kitten can be once they rid themselves of fleas and jump about along your windowsills. And so it goes with this crazy little cat who fell out of the hat and into our hearts.