Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh, But for the Love of a Mother!

Today I want to say a piece about my son and what he is enduring at this point in time.  
He is enduring one of the scariest times of his life (and mine) as I am his loyal and faithful mother.  He has the swine flu and it really scares me to death! 

I remember so distinctly another time my son Matthew scared the life out of me. Matthew had essentially broken his face.  My son was a crazy guy who had no fear, just the need for speed.  And, he exercised that need to the nth degree.  He wanted to live life to the fullest, and he would fall and hurt himself constantly.  He was ten when he finally had crossed the barrier of doing so much to himself that he nearly died.  

He had gone over the edge of a concrete curb and had broken all the bones in his face and head.  It was the worst thing for a mother to have to live thru.   My Matthew had done a major job on nearly dying from his need for speed.  

And so, I am remembering him today in reference to what his last crazy thing that he has done; which is to get the swine flu.  

He has never stopped scaring his mother!  I guess my lot in life is to learn how to love him, just love him for all that he is; as he will probably always break something or another and cause me to worry.   

He has given me the most difficult task, and yet he has given me so much more.  

He has essentially been the love of my life for 20 years.  And, I would not give a day back for all the tea in China!  

Only a mother out there would truly understand this love that I'm speaking of, as it is so indescribable!  Only God Himself could have created such an astounding love;

The Love of a Mother.