Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Power of Touch

 And so it goes... that the power of touch is incredibly healing and such an all-encompassing positive tool that it deserves further mention here.  Touch is the all-important and all-necessary element for the achievement of stress-reduction, relaxation, and well-being.  One of the wonderful benefits of touch and of being touched is the incredible outcome, which is an overall feeling of calmness and reduction in malaise.  What is it about touch that makes it so astoundingly calming? Why is it so mellowing?  It probably goes back to a primal need for touch which all human beings crave for their very own survival.  In fact, it should be mentioned that all babies have been shown to thrive in the presence of human contact.  With the lack of touch, the human brain is not permitted to thrive to any great level, and I don't think it's going too far to say that all people need touch to survive and grow normally. What I find the most remarkable is the calmness that is created within my body from another's touch. For instance, I had a friend brush my hair today for a good fifteen minutes. It was utterly luxurious, and the feeling remained for a long while. The simplest treasures such as these, are to me, the best. In essence, why I feel so strongly about touch is because the energy and there by the feeling can not be matched.