Monday, July 7, 2008


In this message I want to speak about something that is not really a happy subject but is still a subject that needs to be spoken about. It needs to be spoken about because so very often people really are not comfortable talking about subjects that have something to do with pain and suffering. I happen to be a person who has been left with an incredible disease that has left me having to deal with pain it's indescribable and the medications that I have to take to be able to survive another day in the midst of the pain. Therefore it is not a happy subject and is a subject I don't like to speak about with friends as well as friends don't want to speak to me about it but it is real in fact it's so real that it'd literally transcends everything in my life and leaves me wanting to discontinue this life anymore. Therefore it is a very difficult subject to bring up. It is a difficult subject to talk about. It is a difficult subject to think about. And mostly it is a difficult subject in which I have to live with. Every day of my life it consumes me. How I wish this wernt the case. But reality tells me that it is the case. There are undoubtedly thousands of people who have two live their lives in hiding and in sorrow. Because it is just so difficult and indescribable that I cannot believe that the Lord has left me with such a disease. But he has. And now I must continue my life making the absolute best of it as I possibly can. And this is why I write to you. Because I know there are people who need to know that there are other people who understand what this must be like. I would like to firstly speak about the fact that even with such an disabling disease you can live through it. You can find the medications that are necessary to maintain some semblance of a normal life. I would love to offer my hand to anyone who needs some compassion. I might add that compassion does seem to be in short supply. However I know that compassion is possible with the right personality in the right person to listen to the way you're feeling.