Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Dream Catcher

Today is Wednesday afternoon, Blog Day! However, due to the exhaustion I felt from having recently broken my leg, I drifted off to sleep when my dear, dear friend who helps me write my blogs arrived. It was as though she passed me in her dreamlike state and this is what her dream sounded like to me.

A man, his daughter and a few of her friends were swimming in the ocean off the coast of New Zealand when they noticed there were quite a few dophins in the area - in fact, there were at least six or seven - six or seven really, really big dolphins who were circling around them in tight circles while they continually flapped their tails. They worked their circle tighter and tighter, packing them together as they drifted down towards the beach. The girls began freaking out - the father broke free from the dolphin circle to see what was going on. A large dolphin came swimming after him but suddenly submerged itself and that's when they saw the large grey object swim around them - a great white shark! The dolphins went into a high state of agitation and herded the father and the girls into a tighter circle and continued to circle around them for another 20 minutes or so, until the shark finally swam away.

What my friend realized was that she, as I, was in somewhat of a dreamstate herself - I was asleep in my dreamworld - she was reading an almost surreal story of her own.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You Are So Funny (at times)

Have you ever awakened in the morning to find that something just made you laugh, yet you can't remember what it was that brought on that piece of silly humor?

In the morning I awaken with a lot of humor and I think that it's a wonderful thing to find humor in the small things, as well as in the large things. For instance, I find humor in myself, because it seems that what I do to myself is kind of nutty. I like to laugh heartily with my friends who know me well - well enough to understand that I might kick myself or say something that I believe is really stupid; however, if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? I can't find humor in much of anything right now - and that's why I need to find humor!

I ask myself, "What really makes me laugh?" I think what really makes me laugh is when other people hurt themselves. Isn't that sick? It's not that I really want to have people hurt themselves, but the truth is, that's what's really funny at times.

For instance, I have a friend who continually hits his head, nearly every day. When I look up and see, yet again, another bruise or bang or something that obviously caused another large "owie" to his head, I laugh hysterically. He's forever hurting himself. It's not that I relish people getting hurt, it's just that this person seems to not have the measurements of his head locked in. Hence, it is commonplace for him to ram his head so hard, which brings me great laughter. Sorry to my friend, but he does give me a lot of opportunity to laugh. It really appears kind of stupid, although I don't know that he does these things out of stupidity - I think it's more from not paying attention.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If the Truth Be Told

I like it when people say what they mean, mean what they say, and are capable of being honest to the bone.

I'm thinking about people who have an honor disability - they say they will do things, yet those things never come to pass.

This is something that drives me crazy, because I believe that above everything else we must have an air and a distinction of believability and a genuine loving and caring for all people, regardless of who they are. I believe that without those traits, who are they? I really don't know. It is very difficult for me to name those individuals as they don't seem to know who they are themselves. I wish that they would get out of the road, as they're taking up too much space. Additionally, I believe that those individuals essentially make me feel less jolly and instead they bring me to a place of utter frustration and ultimately a lack of understanding of who they are trying to be. The price that they are charging is too expensive for all of us and I basically feel the need for those individuals to smarten up and be who they say they are and really mean it!

They should just not say they are going to do something, if they are not going to do it. We all need to be at peace with each other, find the good things about each other and state them honestly. Being honest with ourselves and with each other is a good place to start.

When I say that I love, I mean it to the "n"th degree. When I love, I love clearly and deeply and I hope that I will always be able to speak frankly and honestly - to those ears who will listen and understand.

To all of those people who are listening to me this day, I wish you love, honor, believability and ultimately the greatest happiness of all: to love and be loved.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Great Aunt Madge Who Wasn't So Great

With Mothers Day approaching, thoughts of my Great Aunt Madge have been coming to mind.

Great she was not, but she certainly had several silly habits that give me rise to speak about her at this moment. She was forever saying "How 'bout that? How 'bout that?" She never stopped saying "How 'bout that?" and it drove everyone kinda nuts - in fact, it's what draws me into writing this little blog about her. She was so silly that the memory of her remains quite in tact.

My Great Aunt Madge, who wasn't really so great, was really quite silly in her manner of communication. My Great Aunt Madge was exhaustingly silly and everyone in my family was just so annoyed by the utter sound of her conversations that droned on and on, seemingly forever.

She was so funny that you couldn't extract yourself from the conversation - once trapped by her you had to pay the penance of her catching you and boring you with her long, drawn-out conversation, when in reality, all you wanted to do was to talk on the phone with your boyfriend.

But you had to sit and listen as it was truly the only thing you could do to be polite and show good manners.

When Great Aunt Madge passed away, we all felt really bad - like we had done something that was beneath us. We realized how much we really did care about her and wished that we would have been far grander to her for her loving, heart-warming spirit. In fact, in the end we all felt saddened by her memory as she really had been a lovely person who deserved better than we had given her. Now that I look back at her with a clearer eye, she really was great!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

How Crazy Life Can Be

How crazy life can be when you think it’s going so well. This is not to mention the other pieces of my recent history, including the fall where I slammed my face into the concrete. So on it goes about my swimming pool incidents or should I say swimming pool farcical J. This swimming pool situation ended up with me having to go to the hospital the very next day. Unfortunately, this has now required that I pay a visit to my orthopedic surgeon. I believe that I have torn the ligaments around my knee. I won't know for certain until my follow-up appointment, which will be in about five days … hopefully. At this point in time my rather deflated ego needs a little lifting.

Just as I was excited to get back into the pool and start my swimming routine again, I now find myself unable to give 150% to my extremely important workout, and for this I feel sad. However, I shall rise again as I always do when times get rough. Now all I have to deal with is the wedgie that is bothering me to no end.