Monday, June 11, 2012

Bhutan: The People of Genuine Joy

Earlier this week I was watching a program on PBS and changed my entire way of thinking. What it was, was about Tibet and the astounding country of Bhutan. I found the people of these lands to be incredibly funny. They have got the joie de vivre so beautifully in place, that it beckons those who know little about this once mysterious land. I have a huge appreciation for the beauty of the Bhutanian way of life.

This can be best be described by their "Gross National Happiness." It consists of the four pillars of sustainable development, cultural integrity, ecosystem conservation, and good governance. This philosophy of living may just give something profound for us all to consider.

By learning from the mistakes of other countries and keeping in mind the wisdom of their ancient tradition they have artfully fostered 'National Happiness.' The Dragon King, Jigme Singye Wangchuk, together with the whole nation, has successfully boosted life expectancy and created environmental green growth, as well    as increasing education among the people.

Gross National Happiness has superceded 'Gross National Product' for the people of Bhutan, and they are only better for it!

See for yourself the happiness of these inspiring people. . May you also be blessed on your own path to Happiness. A Hui Hou.