Friday, October 30, 2009

The Silent Message

Listen to what you cannot hear, because what you can hear, can and often does lie.  Listen to what you feel in your heart, because it does not lie.  It is your truth.

So often in life, you really need to listen to your inner voice.

There have been many times that I could have fallen into harms way, but because I listened to what my inner voice was telling me; I did not go down that path that made me feel uncomfortable.  Instead, I walked around the other way because I somehow "knew" that the other space was not where I needed to be.  Whether it's a man, a certain scent, a feeling that speaks silent volumes...  it happens in so many ways.  

Listen to your inner strength talking.  

This is what has brought me into safety and away from harm.  

Love Yourself First

Always remember to love yourself first, as you never know who is watching...  
Or listening.  In fact, it may be  your own ears that are listening intently to your thoughts. Make sure that your thoughts resonate with the love that you have in your heart.  

Love, honor and cherish yourself in such a way that those around you stop and turn their head at the brilliance of who you are this day and this day forward. 

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Speak Thy Truth

Speak Thy Truth is what I like to say in reference to confusing times.  Speak thy truth clearly, and calmly and always be true to yourself.

I have mentioned many times how into honesty I am, and it drives me a little crazy when people don't open up and just be honest.  Basically, I'm allergic to lies!

I've had, like all of us I'm sure at one point or another; people lie to me when they stand to gain from those lies that they are telling.  

Do not lie, cheat or steal; for they are vexations to the spirit.  I revere honesty and expect nothing less, because in the eyes of God, whomever you deem Him to be, I believe that He completely expects nothing less than the purity of spoken words.  

In my life, I have experienced many a time that people often say what they think you want to hear, but unfortunately, that is not doing them any favors at all.  We all need to speak about truth and what that truth is and not