Monday, December 24, 2012

        Wishing you  Mele Kalikimaka

         The Wonderful Whales of Maui

Yep its that time of year again. Time for the mighty Humpback Whales to return to Maui. Did you know that the whales migrate 3,000 miles from their feeding grounds in Alaska, in as few as 36 days?  Humpback whales are baleen whales. They expand their pleated throats, take in huge amounts of water and krill and then push the water out through their baleen. The krill remains.

In early whaling days the baleen was much prized in the making of ladies corsets. The blubber was used to make lipstick and candles. In the 1970's The International Whaling Commission voted for a moratorium on whaling. However as late as the 1980's NASA was still using Sperm Whale Oil for use in it's rockets, as it is the purest oil in the world.  Ambergris otherwise known as 'Sperm Whale Poop' is worth thousands in the perfume industry. Perhaps you might be lucky enough to stumble onto some on your next beach walk. Sperm whales also have the largest brain on the planet and the largest penis known to man:)

Well getting back to Humpback Whales...... while here they sing whalesongs. Each season all the male singers sing the same song. It is believed by some scientists that the end note of the song of each season is the beginning note for the song of the next season. Isn't that fantastic! A question could be asked whether any of the songs of previous seasons are repeated. We don't know, as we do not have enough recorded data.While in Maui the Humpback Whales also give birth and mate but do not feed. They only feed in their summer feeding grounds in Alaska. 

The whale's return to Maui, approximately December to April, coincides with the traditional Hawaiian period called Makahiki. Makahiki celebrates the return of the God Lono. Lono is the god of rain, thunder, harvest. During this period the native Hawaiians ceased, farming, fishing and making war. Instead they mended their
nets, played competitive games like outrigger canoeing and spear throwing. They also feasted, sang, danced and presumably stayed home and made love....... Just like the whales......

                    Hau'oli Makahiki Hou.





Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Fascinating Flowers of Maui

While people may differ in their pronunciation, most would agree that the Protea are beautiful beyond belief. Perhaps upon naming the specie, Carl Linnaeus noticed their regal appearance, and chose their name after the Greek god, Proteus. Proteus was also known for changing form at will, thus likened to the vast range of shapes that the flower Protea takes.  

With their bold and large stems, and textures like none other, the protea is a flower that can truly intoxicate the imagination of the observer. They are multicolored and multidimensional. They can range from soft and furry, to waxy and prickly. They come in many forms, each more mystifying than the next. 

The King Protea and the Pink Mink are some of my favorites. If taken proper care of, these extraordinary flowers can serve as a dry flower arrangement which can possibly last up to a few years!

Proteas are native to South Africa and are principally found in regions of Africa, India, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and even Antarctica.  However, they even do well here in our tropical paradise of Maui, particularly in the upper Kula area. 

I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to such a fabulous flower. 

A Hui Hou,

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stress Be-Gone


 Everyone experiences stress in some fashion or other. Certainly humans experience stress in various forms. Yet, it has even been recorded that water can undergo changes at a molecular level in response to the stimuli of the environment. Dogs, horses, certainly humans, and even some plants respond to both positive, and negative, stimuli in the environment. Lions, and tigers, and bear, oh my!, they too have their own form of stress! Stress is a natural function of the body and can sometimes motivate us or  impede us. Yet, stress is very individual. What is stressful to one person might be considered laughable to another. The important thing to note is that stress is something that we all experience in one fashion or another. What kind of stress lights a fire under you - motivating you to do accomplish your greater goals? what kind of stress weighs heavily on you, and how do you respond to those times?
       The factors that can be a source of stress for most people can range from issues of health, relationships, careers, finances, the frustrations of unsatisfied desires and longings, social pressures, and many other various day-to-day  influences. Stress can cause terrible migraines, nausea, vomiting, upset stomachs, and unusually bad body cdor. Indeed, stress can come in a myriad of forms.    
Since we all know the impacts that stress can have on our mental, and physical, well-being, perhaps we should also note the various techniques for learning to de-stress in the very stressful world we live in today. A simple, yet very helpful, technique to begin with is having a personal mantra that encourages yourself to let go of stress. An example of a mantra for releasing stress is saying to yourself "I love you, I care for you,and I wish every happiness for you". Additionally, deep breathing, exercise, the right diet, emotional and physical outlets such as a therapist, lover or friend, herbal remedies such as teas and other muscle relaxants, and experiencing the  joie de vive such as playing and laughter, can all be used to relieve the tensions of stress. Simple activities such as listening to the sound of a baby's laughter can warm a cold heart and can help release stresses of the day.
Stress is a necessary part of life and it comes in many forms. The importance of finding our own remedies, little by little, help us confront the waves of stress that come upon us. Stress can be much harder to deal with when depression, or exhaustion, are present. There are also various types of stress. When rising in the morning, stress is placed on the feet. Yet, this isn't necessarily a negative stress. Some days you can wake up to various other stresses. Yet, some days you will feel comfortable and at ease, and happy to be alive. Stress can be a positive thing, but by the same token, stress can place you on the lower end of the happiness meter. So belt out a good hearty laugh every now and then. Breathing in and out deeply, maybe three times, can help to create a stress free moment.
I pray that you will be able to comfort yourself in times of need. 

A Hui Hou,

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone.

Have you ever felt like you were laughing so hard that you were going to "lose your grip" completely (i.e wet your pants, snort, chuckle too loudly?). The release of endorphins is one of the best ways that God has equipped us for happiness and joy. To go into unabashed laughter is one of the most important releases your body can experience. 

There's toots and snorts and the infamous "wetting of the pants". There's nervous laughs and belly aches, giggles, side splits and moments of gasping for air. Some times you laugh so hard it hurts, but it hurts so good. 

Yet, despite all the wondrous joys of laughing, to some it can be a wee bit embarrassing. One risk of laughter is doing things that are unsightly, silly, ridiculous or otherwise thought of as embarrassing to be seen by others to whom we do not know well. Perhaps that is why we feel more comfortable laughing heartily around those who know us well. Laughing is exposing yourself, letting go, losing inhibitions, and sometimes becoming vulnerable.  Especially, for some men, it can be considered a weakness. There are references such as "laughing like a schoolgirl", or "a giggling fool" that make it especially hard to let go. As a side note, did you know that for women the bladder is so near to the muscles you use when laughing that it is easier for us to wet our pants, especially with increasing age and child bearing?

Laughter is a really fun dance of life. It can almost be said that, universally, we love to laugh. Especially when you can laugh at yourself. Laugh at all your own mistakes  and slip-ups, the important meetings you forgot or the countless drinks you spill. I think it can be said that we gain humility by learning to laugh at ourselves. When you can laugh at yourself it feeds your soul handfuls of humility. 

Often times we feel we have a certain decorum. That decorum is often such a terrible waste of positive energy because it restricts our ability, our movements, around laughter. Laughter is good natured and positive and should be expressed freely. Proper decorum would say that it is not cool to snort when laughing. But I, along with the Beatles, say "Let it Be". It is natural and it is good for you. 

So, what does your own peculiar laugh sound like? How familiar are you with the sound of your own laughter? Do you get enjoyment out of your own laugh or is it a little bit embarrassing for you? Just a few questions to ponder on the road to discovery your own unique laugh. 

A Hui Hou

Sunday, October 7, 2012


With the knowledge of our Malia's eventual departure to bigger and greater schools, i am beginning the process of letting go in order that she may fly free. This is a situation that most mothers must face at some point in their adolescent's life. There is a melancholy component attached to Malia's leaving. There is also a beauty present because I know that is exactly where she needs to be. Malia is going in the direction that she needs to be going for her greatest good. 

The difficulty is experiencing the reality of her growing up. In order for Malia to grow, I know she must take this essential step. Every mother wants her offspring to flourish. Thus, every mother must experience the process of letting go. Their leaving is essential for  their growth and fulfills the need for their independence.  While their departures can be quite difficult, ultimately it is what every good parents wants for their children- to fly free and succeed in all that they endeavor. You do not want them staying too close to the nest.  The original idea may have been to bear children and to teach them well the ways of the world so that they themselves can fly free. The difficulty the parents might experience is due to the fact that people often times are uncomfortable with change. Yet, we must face change straight in the eye lest we get ravaged by the storm. Change is, often times, very difficult for fear of the unknown. Therein lies the question "What will i do with my life now?".   Yet, you want them to fly free, hoping that what you taught them will be enough. 
Change is imminent. It is a part of life and their is nothing we can do to our alter it. Instead, we must embrace it and make it our own. 

I am in full expectation that she will fly free like an eagle- soaring through the great expanse. Of course, there may be more obstacles than you thought to mention. That is where faith announces itself. There is the anomaly of the little bird who does not learn how to fly. Their little wings don't open and they perish. Thus, we hope and have faith that our children have grown strong enough the face the hardships of the world. They may at points feel overwhelmed, but we have done our best to properly equip them. 

Often parents they try to overprotect their children. There is a fine line between loving and protecting them, and "over-protecting" them, It would be nice to put them in a plastic bubble of our making- shielding them from all harm. But last time I checked it is probably illegal in most states :). Additionally, it does nothing to prepare them for their future and the world they will be emerged in. 

In conclusion, it might be said that the love one carries for their children is the greatest gift from heaven. 

I love you, 

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Could there be an Atlantis? What do you think about the claims of Lemuria?
There are many speculations around the existence of sunken continents and sunken civilizations. Some speculations are more fanciful than others. Other claims have been grounded through the rigors of geology and science. And now more than any other time in history we have sophisticated enough equipment to explore these possibilities of past human life below the sea. 

While there are many forms of thought about the existence of past underwater civilizations, from archeologists to new age groups, the human fascination with lost continents continues to allude us. 

Some claim that Lemuria exists underneath the body of water expanding from the North American coast all the way to Australia. Others claim that due to the structure of the tectonic plates in that specific area, the existence of Lemuria is not likely. There have also been claims about the Hawaiian Islands being the surface, the last remnants, of the sunken continent of Mu. Some Hawaiian elders have eventuated that their genealogy lead back to the ancient people of Mu. Yet, everything is open for contention. 

Jacque Cousteau was a well-known, French researcher who explored the possibilities that may lie beneath the sea. His curiosity about the depths of the ocean brought about some "evidence" that under water continents could possibly have existed. In his submarine called the CALYPSO, Jacque Cousteau discovered the existence of stalagmites in under water caves off the shores of the Bahamas. The presence of stalagmites in these under water caves suggests that they were indeed exposed to air. Cousteau estimated that it had been nearly 12,000 years since those caves were above water. How many other land masses might there have been? Were there civilizations that were forced to migrate due to the rising sea levels?  

When looking upon the world of underwater continents, it seems an equal blend of fantasy and reality. The reality of the sunken continent of Zealandia is no stranger than the contested reality of Lemuria. Zealandia, or the New Zealand continent, is known to be 93% below the sea, leaving only 7% exposed. In Hawaii it is well known that much of the island actually rest below the sea level. In these times of noticeable climate change, global warming and increasingly rising sea levels, what could the future hold for us?  Will people of the future one day look at the place we inhabited and wonder who were the strange humans who lived below the sea? Will people look at the ruins of our homes and our shopping malls and wonder "what under water kingdom was this?".

Warmest Wishes from the depths of the sea
come to Atlantis and be with me :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

While listening to the sounds of music…

I became nourished in a way that I did not expect. I came to the realization that music truly is food for the soul. Music can either lighten the spirit or dampen the darkest of days. There are various types of music from reggae to soft rock to classic, each one addresses a different aspect of our emotional needs. 

Melancholy music can be sad, yet beautiful in its own right. Melancholy music is poetic and has it's own creative license. The most melancholy music can also be the most majestic. It reminds me of the mantra my friend once told me: "There is beauty in the pain".  Sometimes the emotional pain we all have to go through produces in us the capacity for gentleness, serenity, sweetness, and tenderness.  We need only remember to look for the beauty within the pain. 

Music can be a spiritual nutrient.  Sometimes it feels like we undergo times of spiritual famine.  In these moments of famine it might be wise to know from where one's spiritual sustenance comes. Music can be the most wondrous food to nourish the mind, body and soul. Music lifts you up and carries you away into a distant land where rhythms are butterflies and songs are the voices of angels. Like veins bring in oxygen and take away the toxins, music brings in light and dispels the darkness. 

With the wings of an angel, we bid you adieu


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Beauty in Pain

Oh happy day
i love it when things are going my way!

yet my fingers my toes have become my many woes
they do not thank but instead they challenge 
my very sense of well-being

this pain, this old nemesis of mine
it no longer arises as it remains a constant
it never leaves this friend of mine, this unholy friend
this terror never leaves 

if the absence of pain makes a good life 
i pray to God that the pain will end

we must take what life gives us 
turning its lemons into lemonade 

where does your paradise lay?
is it lost or is it merely hiding in the fray? 

alway return to the golden flower bed of HAPPINESS, 
just ask and she will gently whisper in return 
that there is always beauty within the pain 

there is always beauty in the pain 
listen for it,
it is there 
keep listening 
you will hear her sing a light tune
there is always beauty in the pain
there is always beauty in the pain 
there is always beauty in the pain 

With my warmest Aloha, 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beatlemania at its Finest !?

Truly something incredible about the Beatles is not only their lyrics, musics, or interesting ensemble of musicians. One inescapable fact about the Beatles is their phenemonial success as a band. They  are listed in Rolling Stones' magazine as the #1 greatest band of all time. This is no small feat.  An enigmatic question is Why? Why were the Beatles such a great success? They are forever written in the book of time and have been a sensation for decades. I do not envision that changing, either. Was it the marketing strategies that made the Beatles flourish? Perhaps it was the time that they arived to the scene?  During these pivotal times of social unrest due to the Vietnam War and the civil movements, The Beatles had a message about peace and opening one's mind to new ways of thinking. For example, in the song entitled "Revolution 1", it says " You say you'll change the constitution, well, you know, we all want to change your head, You tell me it's the institution, well, you know, you better free your mind instead".

People were just beginning to move past the horrors of the Vietnam. This was a time of great social revolution, and the Beatles arrived at the scene just in time to soothe the wounds of social heartache. The Beatles creative spark left a wave of impact throughout the western world, and western consciousness. They had a message of peace and love, and that was exactly what the world needed at the time. Today, the youth perhaps look towards the Beatles as a reassurance that there was once a time, a place, a moment in history, where peace, hope and love dwelled.

The Beatles appeared to be the Be all, end all, of music according to young listeners. I didn't really know anything about music other than the Beatles. I was not drawn to the Beatles for their music alone, but more so about the culture that their music brought forth. The Beatles were not solely music. But they were, in fact, a huge entity describing the times and events unfolding. The Beatles, in my young mind, would last forever. The Beatles were my Reality, both culturally and musically.

I remember growing up and witnessing the crazy hysteria that the television stations promoted surrounding the Beatles concert. We all bought into this hysteria. Girls were screaming and weeping at the knowledge that the Beatles were playing the Cow Palace nearby.  I would have down anything to be able to attend this concert. However, my mother nixed the idea as I was too young. My sister who was five years older than I was allowed to attend, which I found to be so grossly unfair. My parents did not allow me to see the Beatles concert and that was an offense larger than any. I stayed home that night and cried myself to sleep.

Another memory I have from my adolecense is regarding the controversy that John Lennon found himself entwined in. John Lennon made a remark that said "We're more popular than Jesus now; I don't know which will go first, rock 'n' roll or Christianity." I wasn't really offended by his comment at the time, thinking "it is no big deal".  I thought his comment was interesting, but I hadn't really thought of christianity and myself being attached at all. Not until many years later had i thought that perhaps his wording was incorrect. Now, as an adult, I realize that his comments were extremely outlandish. As a Christian, I understand now why it caused the controversy that it did.  In spite of the controversies, populations still adore the Beatles. Through good times and bad, the Beatles left a profound legacy that most appreciate to this day.

A Hui Hou and with my warmest Aloha,

Sunday, August 19, 2012

If I Coulda Woulda Shoulda by Lou Rawls

Lou Rawls- If I Coulda Woulda Shoulda 
( )

I could have been a little more understanding 
and i'd still be loving you right now

I should have been smarter 
I could have used my head
and we would still be together some how

if i coulda woulda shoulda 
that's what folks always say

if i coulda woulda shoulda
but it's always too late
i'm saying it now

if i would have stopped it before 
it all got started out
i wouldn't be so sad and lonely without you

I wish there was a way 
to turn back the hands of time
I'd do it different if i had to do it all over again

if i woulda coulda shoulda
that's what folks always say

it's always too late
i'm saying it now

you know, i'm gonna profit from all my mistrakes
i'll never do the same thing, the same way, all over again

I could have been a little more understanding 
and i'd still be loving you right now

I should have been smarter 
I could have used my head
and we would still be together some how

if i coulda woulda shoulda 
that's what folks always say

if i coulda woulda shoulda
but it's always too late
i'm saying it now

Do you live a life filled with Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda's? Do you like living life on the edge, or flying by the seat of your pants? Do you like pushing the limits, flirting with danger, or the excitement of living life a little recklessly? When was the last time you threw all caution to the wind and lived life with full abandon?

People say this very often, If i would have done this...or If could have done that...then they would have a more positive, a more preferable, outcome. Yet, to say woulda coulda shoulda, has no meaning because you can not go back. You can not rewrite past decisions whether good or bad. To second guess past decisions you have made in your life can leave you riding a rough wave of discontent.

What can we do to make sure we do not fall into the trap of regret?  Do not be too hard and fast about the rules of the game. Let not the rules bind you from the satisfaction of fulfilling your dreams. Let not there be fear but instead let there be an open heart filled with joy and acceptance for all.  Follow your heart, speak your truth often, and be sure to follow your dreams not your fears. Regret is living in the shadows of the past. Don't woulda coulda shoulda your life away. Rather live life to the fullest by way of making definitive choices.

The song by Lou Rawls is saying that it is never too late to move forward in the direction of your dream. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. It is folly to merely wait around and see what happens. There are many people who merely wait for life to make decisions for them rather than carving their own path. Wouldn't it be great to know that you did what you wanted to do no matter the outcome? Regardless of the outcome, these are choices that you made and are standing by them. The most important things is that you Chose. When you chose, there is no room for regret.

A Hui Hou Kakou (until we meet again) :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What it is to be a Woman

To be a woman might be considered by some to be either a blessing or a curse. The feminine in daily life is often forgotten or left behind in the modern pace of our world. Did you know that the civilizations of old were often matriarchal societies?  These societies placed woman in positions of power and often held them in high regard. In contrast, there have also been societies that have thought of woman as lesser beings. Examples that highlight the often harsh realities that being born a woman can be are seen both in the past and the present. 

One example of woman being considered 'less than' can be viewed through the life of Anne Boleyn, Queen of England from 1533- 1536, and second wife of Henry VIII. Anne Boleyn, albeit she may have been in the highest position as wife of the King, she all the same was not able to protect herself from the dire and painful demise that the King ordered to her. The will of the King for her execution was supported by mass public favor.  Henry VIII grew increasing infuriated when the Queen produced no male heir to follow in his footsteps. Equipped with minimal and false evidence, Henry VIII ordered for the execution of Anne Boleyn on the basis of sexual misconduct and treason. Henry VIII would go on to have his long sought male heir with his next wife Jane Seymour, who he would consider as his "true" wife. The legacy of Anne Boleyn will live on as a true story of a female who did her all for her husband, and yet was not appreciated due to her inability to provide a male heir. 

A current example of another travesty that has affected woman can be witnessed through the One-Child Policy that China has long imposed. The enforced policy that Chinese couples are to only have one child often leaves families with much greater favor for their male children. Through this one-child policy, female infants have experienced greater degrees of abandonment and neglect. This brings into question why does our society prefer males so much more  than females? Are not woman, too, capable? 

Woman are strong enough to give birth and strong enough to rule nations. Being a woman exceeds a mere biological reality. Being a woman connects us with something much deeper than ourselves. Being a woman connects us with the history of all woman. Women were once warriors, and medicine women, and wise women. Women were healers and priestesses, goddesses, and mothers. They were counselors and sages. The rights of woman have never been so great as they are today. Most notably we see female presidents becoming a modern trend. For the future, I hope for a new way of thinking regarding the value of women. God made woman to be so intelligent and so capable and yet woman have been down-trodden throughout time. My vision for a world that honors women begins with honoring all people first.  This can also be applied to people with disabilities and those with other forms of affliction. They, too, have rights and deserve respect. Whether you are female or male, we all deserve to be treated fairly. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Many Faces of Love

Throughout the day we hear the word Love used in so many ways and fashions, from the profound to the mundane. We have words for nearly everything but only one which truly stands for Love. The word Love has many branches, many faces. It is on the tip of everyones' tongue, but surely there is a difference from when one says "I loved that movie" to when one says "I love you". What is this difference? 
- what is the difference between a loving the forest and loving a baby duck? 
- what is the difference between between loving the sunset and having romantic, lusty love? 
- what is difference between universal love and love of a movie? 
In today's blog, I'd like to highlight the contrasting faces of Love. This distinction is important because maybe it can help us with our own search for love. We can narrow down on what form of Love we are searching for and not get lost looking in all the wrong places. 
The first face I will describe is the face of Agape Love. Agape Love is the capital-L Love. Agape Love is unconditional love. Agape is a Greek word for Love used throughout the Bible to express the deep, all-expanding power of Love. Agape is an ethereal expression that cannot be reduced to words alone. The all-encompassing title of Love is seen best through expressions of Agape Love. 

A second face of love I shall describe as Motherly Love.  We often hear of this love as the deepest potential bond between two human beings. We hear of the story of a mother lifting an entire car to rescue her child. Indeed, this apparent strength could only have come from the mothers' love of her child. The warmth and nurturing that a mother can offer to her child is one of the greatest gifts of all. We do not even have to be mothers, or even women, to begin embracing this form of love. 

The third face of Love can be described as Sexual/Romantic Love. Sexual/Romantic Love is uniting one's natural desire with a sense of intimacy for another person. This feeling of desire is often coupled with love. This is what I mean by Sexual/Romantic Love. Lust is not thought of as a form of love because often times lust is a feeling of desire/want usually without love. It is my personal belief that there is no love in lust. Having said this, one must be cautious not to assume that sex alone will not necessarily procure love. But when sex is coupled with love, then what more can I say than Yiiipppppeeeee!!!! 

The fourth face of Love is that of Committed Love. In 1 Corinthians 13:4, it explains that “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.” This form of committed love is usually found through time-honored experience together. 

The fifth and final face of love to be mentioned is the Love of nature and its beautiful creatures. The love of beauty in Nature, I believe, is a gift only from above. We can feel natures’ love for us when we feel the sun on our skin, hear the birds churping in the morning, or smell the luscious scent of rain. We can take refuge in the forest, as well as in her healing qualities. This is also a form of Love.  

With these many faces of love (and surely there are many more) should we perhaps expand our vocabulary of the word Love to reflect its many faces? What are some of your ideas about how we can? Always appreciate hearing from you. 

With the warmest Aloha, 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Simplicity is Bliss

This is Tara Brock and I'm writing today about the "Happy Planet" called Earth. The question is, do we live on a  planet that experiences true happiness, or do the difficulties outweigh the potential to be happy? According to the Happy Planet Index (HPI), the happiest countries where measured by experienced well being, life expectancy, and ecological footprint. Over 150 countries participated and the results were surprising! According to the HPI , the United States is listed as 105/151. This number is suprising because although the US is a wealthy nation, the harmful ecological footprint that the US is leaving as its legacy greatly dampers the overall national happiness.  

It's uplifting to me that there is such a thing as a Happy Planet Index because it shows awareness that there may be an imbalance. That being said, there still remains the potential for change. Environmental sustainability is one way to ensure future happienss. When a nation is at war over natural resources, it is a sure thing that  happiness goes out by the wayside.  We are learning that happiness does not have to be destructive. 

According to the HRI, material wealth is not any measure of happiness, either. In fact, material wealth maybe the antithesis to what we think happiness is.  Why is the United States 105th on the list when we have such high standard of living? Does our need to consume at such a high rates leave us feeling increasingly dissatisfied? This is a question we all must ask ourselves. Our insidious need to 'keep up with the Jones' can potentially erode our right to happiness. Stress takes us off the course of simplicity, which in my belief, is the secret to happiness. Upon examination, we realize that simplicity really is bliss.  The attributes of simplicity and calmness are the antithesis of fear and discontent.  

One ancient culture and people that believes in happiness, both on a personal and political level, are the people of Bhutan. As I wrote about in my last blog, one thing I find worth mentioning is that the people of Bhutan are an ancient people. They have ancient traditions and ways of wisdom that were passed on to them and their families many moons ago. The wisdom of the ages outweighed the persistence of capitalism, which may correlate to their increased happiness.

This blog is not intended to portray happiness like Disneyland with  sunshine, butterflies, and expensive toys bouncing and fluttering about. But instead, it  is a commentary designed to inform the reader about the measurement of real-life happiness on planet Earth. 

What makes you and I happy may be two different things. However, where we do have a common base is that happiness is something that we all long for in some way or another.  We can not know happiness is unless we have also experienced its opposite. I do believe, however, that our planet is a wonderful place to leap from in order to fully grasp the meaning of true happiness. 

Please feel free to drop me a line or email me regarding what you have just read. Your comments are always valued to me. 

With my warmest Aloha, 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Bhutan: The People of Genuine Joy

Earlier this week I was watching a program on PBS and changed my entire way of thinking. What it was, was about Tibet and the astounding country of Bhutan. I found the people of these lands to be incredibly funny. They have got the joie de vivre so beautifully in place, that it beckons those who know little about this once mysterious land. I have a huge appreciation for the beauty of the Bhutanian way of life.

This can be best be described by their "Gross National Happiness." It consists of the four pillars of sustainable development, cultural integrity, ecosystem conservation, and good governance. This philosophy of living may just give something profound for us all to consider.

By learning from the mistakes of other countries and keeping in mind the wisdom of their ancient tradition they have artfully fostered 'National Happiness.' The Dragon King, Jigme Singye Wangchuk, together with the whole nation, has successfully boosted life expectancy and created environmental green growth, as well    as increasing education among the people.

Gross National Happiness has superceded 'Gross National Product' for the people of Bhutan, and they are only better for it!

See for yourself the happiness of these inspiring people. . May you also be blessed on your own path to Happiness. A Hui Hou.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Heavenly Celestial Bodies

When we gaze at the stars, who and what are we really seeing? There are many available opinions. We may never know the full extent of the truth. The true story behind the cosmos has been a mystery for thousands of years and may not ever be truly known. What we do know is that we can play at and enjoy identifying forms in constellations, based on the visions of those who came before us.

Take for instance one of the most well known constellations, which is the Big Dipper. It forms a part of Ursa Major, the Big Bear in the sky. This star group is notable for a variety of reasons, mostly, that it resembles an upside down ladle or saucepan. The most relevant piece of information about this celestial grouping is that if you draw a straight line pouring out from the two stars at the outer edge of the 'dipper,' and multiply that distance by five, you will arrive at Polaris, the North Star. You may want to write this down, as it is a piece of information you can use and reuse, and it could really come in handy if you are ever lost at sea ;o). Speaking of navigating, many people don't know this about the Big Dipper but it was used as a veiled message for the slaves escaping to freedom in the Underground Railroad before the civil war. They sang songs about following the "Drinking Gourd" to freedom in the North.

The other easily recognizable constellation is Orion, made famous by the glowing belt from which this hunter's sword hangs down. Three bright stars make up this belt and an entire nebulae makes up the balance of Orion's sword. Rigel, one of the brightest stars in the sky, makes up one of Orion's legs and the two stars Bellatrix and Betelgeuse make up his shoulders. The Romans and the Greeks are the ones who made this "Hunter" constellation be known as it is today. In fact Orion was one of the many "players" in Homer's The Odyssey. He can be seen surrounded in the night sky by fellow players such as Artemis, the Scorpion, and his two faithful hunting dogs, Canis Major and Canis Minor.

Last on Tara's list, but certainly not least, is the beautiful heavenly body known as Venus. She has been flirting with Jupiter and the moon over recent months forming a triangle with them, though now, she has begun to retreat beyond the limits of the night sky. Currently fading on the horizon, Venus will make her final debut in a rare transit by "kissing" the sun on June 5th, not to be repeated again for another 121 years. Romantics and stargazers everywhere take note. For all the readers in Hawaii, look to the western sky at sunset to witness this event. For those of you in all other locations around the world, look to this map for correct timing and orientation . SPECIAL NOTE: you will need protective eye wear as it is dangerous to look directly at the sun during most times.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this interlude through the cosmos. One need only to look into the night sky to realize the enormity of celestial runways, highways, byways, segways, and lightways. May this journey inspire you to continue enjoying the vast sky in all its glory and may the Lord's blessings be showered upon and received throughout the Universe.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Health and the Benefits of Copper

As I was telling a friend about a sty that I had in my right eye, it occurred to me that there must be some health benefits to copper and the use of it in the body. I used a copper penny to see if there was any benefit to what I thought might have been an old wive's tale, by rubbing the copper penny and putting it over the sty. Lo and behold I found that it worked! The sty was gone within a few days. Upon researching the subject, I found that there are plenty of benefits to the assimilation of copper in the body.

Albeit some of the benefits could be overlooked due to the obvious negative aspects of too much copper, as with anything. As we know, too much of anything is usually not a good thing. Indeed, what are the benefits of copper? Truth be told, the benefits seem endless. They far outweigh any negative aspects of copper. In fact, the only true negative to copper is when too much is ingested. Basically, it will prevent  the absorption of zinc. That is it! That is the only negative aspect I could find.

Having said that, the principal positive factors are metabolic benefits, relating to brain function, the cardiovascular system, cell and tissue repair, anti-aging properties, and the list goes on and on. Let me not bore you with all the technicalities of tyrosidine and its chemical properties of passing through the myelin sheath. If you would like to read about the intricate details of how copper works in the body, you will likely find this link to be very informative. . Besides the myriad of health benefits, it also includes listings of good food sources for ingesting copper through diet.

In conclusion, we have learned that there are many benefits to copper. In addition to ingesting copper through diet, copper can be worn in the form of copper bracelets, so that it can then be absorbed into the bloodstream. One must simply be aware of not absorbing too much, lest we interfere with proper zinc absorption. (Zinc is another important trace mineral, but that is a topic for another day.) After writing this blog today, I will be ordering my own copper bracelet. Trusting that this information serves you well, A HUI HOU. :-)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

How Empowering Thoughts Are ~*~

Have you ever challenged your self to consider how thoughts are things? In fact, if you can think it and believe in it, it is only a matter of time until the fruition of your dreams. How creative do you feel? It is up to us to find our own strength of character to make the thoughts happen. In view of all this, the power that lies within us has got to be enormous.

Having said all this lets look at the technical aspects of creating through thought. First we must decide what it is we'd like to focus on. Then, we need to imagine what it feels like to really experience that reality.

For example, I would like to focus on creating more light in my reality. However to do that I need to focus on the PRESENCE of light, rather than the lack there of. If we focus on the 'want' or the 'lack' thats precisely what we'll create.

Rather, we could say to ourselves empowering words such as I AM healthy, I see clearly, I AM loved, I AM empowered. You get the idea.

One last aspect many don't realize is the importance of letting the thought go, like a butterfly that alights. Releasing the thought is a key part of the process. In this way our creation may come back to us. Imagine to have it then you very likely will.

This is the formula for the creation of all that you desire! Just keep your focus and have faith. :)

In honor of Easter and the Ascension of Jesus Christ, I would like to create the thought that the whole world will follow in his steps right through the Gates of Heaven. May your Easter Sunday be blessed by the Holy Spirit :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Let the Sun Shine In ~*~

Sun glorious sun, how we do love thee, whether out for a picnic or laying on the beach. We can all appreciate some of the positive effects of sunlight on the body, such as production of endorphins. ;) Yet with all our love for the sun we are also made aware of the negative effects in regard to having too much of it. One example is sunburn of varying degrees. This can be an environmental factor as well as a genetic factor.  So is the jury still out about sunlight? 

Lets look at the big picture. While we all can appreciate a beautiful sun tan we must also look at the flip side of the matter. On the negative side it is the sun taken to excess where the troubles lie. Number One of course is getting badly burnt from too much sun. Otherwise we can also recognize the possibilities of melanoma and some skin diseases from repeated sun damage. Lets not forget the negative aspect of crows feet making some people appear weathered before their time. 

Having said all that let's jump over to the many benefits of catching the sun rays. Number one, many people understand the beauty of that glamorous sun tan that connotes success. Coming to mind are Aristotle Onassis, Bo Derrick, Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and many more. Lets also recognize the wonderful benefits of endorphins in the body. We ALL know how good that feels. On a practical note, sunlight aids in the production of vitamin D and the absorption of calcium. In addition, it increases the metabolism and prevents infections from bacteria, molds, and viruses. Sounds great doesn't it?

All in all there are two sides to the coin. Hopefully all you sun worshippers will err on the side of caution when soaking up those delicious sun rays. I surely will. Until next time, wishing you all my fondest Aloha, Tara :)