Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An Ambush of Tigers

Aloha from Tara (the author of this blog)!  I am very pleased to be able to impart to you, my listeners, something that I feel might be interesting to many of you.  I have many times desired to know the specific names of groups of animals.  I start this list off with geese because it seems that most people know what a gaggle of geese is, however, listen on...I'll continue with the list of animals that I have found in my research. 

-a colony of bats and a colony of beavers
-a hive, swarm, bike, or drift of bees
-a fleet, flight, flock, parcel, pod, or volery of birds
-a gang, herd or OBSTINACY of buffalo
-a swarm or rabble of butterflies
-a clutter, clowder, litter, or kindle of cats
-a flock, brood, clutch, or peep of chickens
-a bed of clams
-a murder or muster of crow
-a badelynge, brace, bunch, flock, paddling, raft or team of duck
-a herd or parade of elephants
-a draft, run, school, or shoal of fish
-an army or knot of frogs
-a herd, corps, tower, or group of giraffe
-a horde of hamsters
-a down, husk, or warren of hare
-a pride of lions
-a labor of moles
-a troop or cartload of monkeys
-a horde or mischief of mice
-a parliament of owls
-a rookery of penguins
-a bevy, covey, or drift of quail
-a crash of rhinoceros
-a school or shiver of sharks
-a surfeit of skunks
-a dray of squirrels
-an ambush or streak of tigers
-a knot of toads
-a rafter of turkeys
-a bale of turtles
-a gam, grind, herd, pod or school of whales
-a herd or crossing of zebras

And finally, I thought it would be prudent to mention the shiver of sharks due to the fact that it seems that perhaps the author of this list was thinking in terms of people being able to memorize it well.  Thusly, the shiver of sharks, the ambush of tigers, and the crash of rhinoceros are good examples of the kinds of groups of animals that seem reasonably easy to remember. 

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