Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Let the Sun Shine In ~*~

Sun glorious sun, how we do love thee, whether out for a picnic or laying on the beach. We can all appreciate some of the positive effects of sunlight on the body, such as production of endorphins. ;) Yet with all our love for the sun we are also made aware of the negative effects in regard to having too much of it. One example is sunburn of varying degrees. This can be an environmental factor as well as a genetic factor.  So is the jury still out about sunlight? 

Lets look at the big picture. While we all can appreciate a beautiful sun tan we must also look at the flip side of the matter. On the negative side it is the sun taken to excess where the troubles lie. Number One of course is getting badly burnt from too much sun. Otherwise we can also recognize the possibilities of melanoma and some skin diseases from repeated sun damage. Lets not forget the negative aspect of crows feet making some people appear weathered before their time. 

Having said all that let's jump over to the many benefits of catching the sun rays. Number one, many people understand the beauty of that glamorous sun tan that connotes success. Coming to mind are Aristotle Onassis, Bo Derrick, Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and many more. Lets also recognize the wonderful benefits of endorphins in the body. We ALL know how good that feels. On a practical note, sunlight aids in the production of vitamin D and the absorption of calcium. In addition, it increases the metabolism and prevents infections from bacteria, molds, and viruses. Sounds great doesn't it?

All in all there are two sides to the coin. Hopefully all you sun worshippers will err on the side of caution when soaking up those delicious sun rays. I surely will. Until next time, wishing you all my fondest Aloha, Tara :)