Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Fascinating Flowers of Maui

While people may differ in their pronunciation, most would agree that the Protea are beautiful beyond belief. Perhaps upon naming the specie, Carl Linnaeus noticed their regal appearance, and chose their name after the Greek god, Proteus. Proteus was also known for changing form at will, thus likened to the vast range of shapes that the flower Protea takes.  

With their bold and large stems, and textures like none other, the protea is a flower that can truly intoxicate the imagination of the observer. They are multicolored and multidimensional. They can range from soft and furry, to waxy and prickly. They come in many forms, each more mystifying than the next. 

The King Protea and the Pink Mink are some of my favorites. If taken proper care of, these extraordinary flowers can serve as a dry flower arrangement which can possibly last up to a few years!

Proteas are native to South Africa and are principally found in regions of Africa, India, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and even Antarctica.  However, they even do well here in our tropical paradise of Maui, particularly in the upper Kula area. 

I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to such a fabulous flower. 

A Hui Hou,

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stress Be-Gone


 Everyone experiences stress in some fashion or other. Certainly humans experience stress in various forms. Yet, it has even been recorded that water can undergo changes at a molecular level in response to the stimuli of the environment. Dogs, horses, certainly humans, and even some plants respond to both positive, and negative, stimuli in the environment. Lions, and tigers, and bear, oh my!, they too have their own form of stress! Stress is a natural function of the body and can sometimes motivate us or  impede us. Yet, stress is very individual. What is stressful to one person might be considered laughable to another. The important thing to note is that stress is something that we all experience in one fashion or another. What kind of stress lights a fire under you - motivating you to do accomplish your greater goals? what kind of stress weighs heavily on you, and how do you respond to those times?
       The factors that can be a source of stress for most people can range from issues of health, relationships, careers, finances, the frustrations of unsatisfied desires and longings, social pressures, and many other various day-to-day  influences. Stress can cause terrible migraines, nausea, vomiting, upset stomachs, and unusually bad body cdor. Indeed, stress can come in a myriad of forms.    
Since we all know the impacts that stress can have on our mental, and physical, well-being, perhaps we should also note the various techniques for learning to de-stress in the very stressful world we live in today. A simple, yet very helpful, technique to begin with is having a personal mantra that encourages yourself to let go of stress. An example of a mantra for releasing stress is saying to yourself "I love you, I care for you,and I wish every happiness for you". Additionally, deep breathing, exercise, the right diet, emotional and physical outlets such as a therapist, lover or friend, herbal remedies such as teas and other muscle relaxants, and experiencing the  joie de vive such as playing and laughter, can all be used to relieve the tensions of stress. Simple activities such as listening to the sound of a baby's laughter can warm a cold heart and can help release stresses of the day.
Stress is a necessary part of life and it comes in many forms. The importance of finding our own remedies, little by little, help us confront the waves of stress that come upon us. Stress can be much harder to deal with when depression, or exhaustion, are present. There are also various types of stress. When rising in the morning, stress is placed on the feet. Yet, this isn't necessarily a negative stress. Some days you can wake up to various other stresses. Yet, some days you will feel comfortable and at ease, and happy to be alive. Stress can be a positive thing, but by the same token, stress can place you on the lower end of the happiness meter. So belt out a good hearty laugh every now and then. Breathing in and out deeply, maybe three times, can help to create a stress free moment.
I pray that you will be able to comfort yourself in times of need. 

A Hui Hou,