Sunday, October 21, 2012

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone.

Have you ever felt like you were laughing so hard that you were going to "lose your grip" completely (i.e wet your pants, snort, chuckle too loudly?). The release of endorphins is one of the best ways that God has equipped us for happiness and joy. To go into unabashed laughter is one of the most important releases your body can experience. 

There's toots and snorts and the infamous "wetting of the pants". There's nervous laughs and belly aches, giggles, side splits and moments of gasping for air. Some times you laugh so hard it hurts, but it hurts so good. 

Yet, despite all the wondrous joys of laughing, to some it can be a wee bit embarrassing. One risk of laughter is doing things that are unsightly, silly, ridiculous or otherwise thought of as embarrassing to be seen by others to whom we do not know well. Perhaps that is why we feel more comfortable laughing heartily around those who know us well. Laughing is exposing yourself, letting go, losing inhibitions, and sometimes becoming vulnerable.  Especially, for some men, it can be considered a weakness. There are references such as "laughing like a schoolgirl", or "a giggling fool" that make it especially hard to let go. As a side note, did you know that for women the bladder is so near to the muscles you use when laughing that it is easier for us to wet our pants, especially with increasing age and child bearing?

Laughter is a really fun dance of life. It can almost be said that, universally, we love to laugh. Especially when you can laugh at yourself. Laugh at all your own mistakes  and slip-ups, the important meetings you forgot or the countless drinks you spill. I think it can be said that we gain humility by learning to laugh at ourselves. When you can laugh at yourself it feeds your soul handfuls of humility. 

Often times we feel we have a certain decorum. That decorum is often such a terrible waste of positive energy because it restricts our ability, our movements, around laughter. Laughter is good natured and positive and should be expressed freely. Proper decorum would say that it is not cool to snort when laughing. But I, along with the Beatles, say "Let it Be". It is natural and it is good for you. 

So, what does your own peculiar laugh sound like? How familiar are you with the sound of your own laughter? Do you get enjoyment out of your own laugh or is it a little bit embarrassing for you? Just a few questions to ponder on the road to discovery your own unique laugh. 

A Hui Hou

Sunday, October 7, 2012


With the knowledge of our Malia's eventual departure to bigger and greater schools, i am beginning the process of letting go in order that she may fly free. This is a situation that most mothers must face at some point in their adolescent's life. There is a melancholy component attached to Malia's leaving. There is also a beauty present because I know that is exactly where she needs to be. Malia is going in the direction that she needs to be going for her greatest good. 

The difficulty is experiencing the reality of her growing up. In order for Malia to grow, I know she must take this essential step. Every mother wants her offspring to flourish. Thus, every mother must experience the process of letting go. Their leaving is essential for  their growth and fulfills the need for their independence.  While their departures can be quite difficult, ultimately it is what every good parents wants for their children- to fly free and succeed in all that they endeavor. You do not want them staying too close to the nest.  The original idea may have been to bear children and to teach them well the ways of the world so that they themselves can fly free. The difficulty the parents might experience is due to the fact that people often times are uncomfortable with change. Yet, we must face change straight in the eye lest we get ravaged by the storm. Change is, often times, very difficult for fear of the unknown. Therein lies the question "What will i do with my life now?".   Yet, you want them to fly free, hoping that what you taught them will be enough. 
Change is imminent. It is a part of life and their is nothing we can do to our alter it. Instead, we must embrace it and make it our own. 

I am in full expectation that she will fly free like an eagle- soaring through the great expanse. Of course, there may be more obstacles than you thought to mention. That is where faith announces itself. There is the anomaly of the little bird who does not learn how to fly. Their little wings don't open and they perish. Thus, we hope and have faith that our children have grown strong enough the face the hardships of the world. They may at points feel overwhelmed, but we have done our best to properly equip them. 

Often parents they try to overprotect their children. There is a fine line between loving and protecting them, and "over-protecting" them, It would be nice to put them in a plastic bubble of our making- shielding them from all harm. But last time I checked it is probably illegal in most states :). Additionally, it does nothing to prepare them for their future and the world they will be emerged in. 

In conclusion, it might be said that the love one carries for their children is the greatest gift from heaven. 

I love you,