Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"To Everything turn, turn, ............

"To Everything turn, turn, turn. There is a season turn, turn

turn and a time to every purpose under heaven"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6jxxagVEO4

These beautiful words from the song by The Byrds started me thinking about the seasons and what they mean to us all. Although I now live in Hawaii (where we only have two seasons, wet and dry)  I grew up in The San Francisco Bay Area where I  had the opportunity to experience the essence of the four seasons.

My next thought was of the winter and my love for skiing. I skied mostly in Squaw Valley where I was a snow hostess (snow ho). I soon learned an entire snow vocabulary; corn snow, yellow snow(don't eat), soft pack, hard pack, crud. The wonderful world of skiing.

Of course, we had a pool in our backyard so summers were wonderful also but at a certain age - that of becoming a woman - I started to feel self conscious about my budding female body as I think many women do. These teenage years were the start of many challenges. My family moved to Australia when I was fifteen where I was definitely an outsider and returning to the U.S. at age 17 to attend university demanded another life adjustment. At 21 my parents divorced. I had finished university by then but floated jobless for a while still trying to understand who I was and what I wanted for my life.

By 25 I had a successful career,  selling advertising, selling real estate, traveling and making money and at that point I became interested in skiing. By 28 I was an excellent skier and life was great.................

The song and the seasons continue with biblical references.t"A time to plant a time to reap, a time to laugh a time to weep..." I married and gave birth to two wonderful children.  " A time to dance a time to mourn. A time to caste away stones, a time to gather stones together"

I built a beautiful house but in the middle of this season, the stroke I had gave me my ultimate challenge. The original thought of the seasons inspired me to think back on those days when I was flying down the mountain, optimistic and self fulfilled. I have come a long way since that stroke and my goal is to one day get back on the mountain and ski.

I honor you and thank you for reading and following my blogs and leave you with the last words of the song which I hope will engender some musings about the seasons of your life so far..........
"A time to gain a time to lose, a time to rend, a time to sew, a time to love a time to  hate, a time for peace I swear its not too late."

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

                 Resolutions, Solutions - New Year's Tune-up

Before we consider the enormity of the above, let's close our eyes, take a breath and acknowledge the individual blessings in our lives.
  • Let's check ourselves at this time. Are you being true to yourself?
  •  Would people consider you a 'happy camper' or 'Debbie   Downer'.
    Do you find yourself venting a little too much without considering the problems and the solutions.?
 Of course we all have issues but identifying them and finding solutions takes diligence.
 Information is power and the Information Highway is at our finger tips. It has never been easier to research any subject.

  • What are your personal objectives? Share your positive thoughts.
  • Better, health through diet and exercise.   In my case I have found eating a papaya once a day is a huge benefit to my health  See what you think..
  • More love and meaningful relationships in your life. In which case if you give more love and  kindness it will probably come back.
Finally dont be too hard on yourself. Baby steps, the best way to accomplish any goal. We made it this far. So at this time of a new beginning.......... a fine personal tune-up is suggested.
             Happy, healthy, fruitful New Year 2013 to all