Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ruby Slippers

It gives me pause in watching the 70th Anniversary Edition of the Wizard of Oz and so that is why I wanted to share a few relics from many years ago. In fact, it was, to be precise, 70 years ago as google search would have it. Shirley Temple was originally seeking to be cast, however she apparently was expecting more money and so that's why she was not chosen and instead Judy Garland stepped into her ruby slippers and got the lead role. This film overshadowed Garland's career and it was the only film for which she received an Oscar. That Judy Garland ended up having the role of Dorothy with the ruby slippers was essentially because Shirley Temple was feeling as though she was too great an artist to be receiving so little money for her time. As Judy Garland received the honorary role of wearing the ruby slippers, and additionally receiving the phenomenol income that Dorothy would bring throughout the 70 years, whereas Shirley Temple essentially made nothing because she declined the part.

In reference to the making of the film The Wizard of Oz, Buddy Ebsen was removed from the film as the original Tin Man due to an allergic reaction to silver dust makeup. In addition, the producers used chocolate syrup as their medium for the Tin Man's oil. How clever!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

While I, like a lot of other people like me, have had some "wild and crazy times" in my life, I just kind of figured that perhaps it was time to say something about me that was positively indiscriminate and absolutely joyful and hysterical at the same time. So it is that I have always been a very proficient snow skier and have downhill snow skied most of my adult life. It has given me such fun and wonderful exericise, albeit it has torn apart my knees a bit. But what the heck, I've lived my life to the ultimate most of the time which has been great medicine for my health. I've danced through the mountains of Aspen, Sun Valley, Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe and Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Oregon as well as many other favorite ski resorts across the land. To say that I was kind of a ski junkie is to just scratch the surface of my extraordinary love for the sport. In fact, I used to ski with an Olympic skier and we had a blast as we sang tunes while laughing through the mogul fields and so much more.

...his name was Kasra and he was from Iran. He was not that great of a skier but he was definitely fun as we once skied through the trees, laughing all the way until we found a delicious spot that had our names imprinted on it, so to speak. It was as though it was a place lost in time in my memory bank. I've saved that delightfully delectably divine memory to savor and enjoy even though who it was doesn't matter anymore, it's just the memory that was patently distinctive. I had met him skiing and we were really attracted to each other. We romped around in the powder for hours and we just had a blast. We've since stayed friends and I will never forget the myriad of times that we shared at Vale, Colorado.