Monday, August 24, 2009

Exploring Maui's Outer Islands

Did you know that there are additional islands around Maui that are absolutely gorgeous?  And, you can get to most of them via a boat ride.  I recommend that you take notes, because if you don't know about these islands at this point; then I have some really neat information for you to jot down.

Firstly, there are a few islands you may not have heard about yet.  The first one on this list is the island of Kaho'olawe  (p.s. the w sounds like a v) It is a remarkable island in that it boasts of the name "The Target Island,"that is because it used to be occupied by the U.S. Government.  There also used to be a lot of what looked like fireworks coming from Kaho'olawe, but it was not fireworks at all; it was the exploding land mines.  

Today, what is on Kaho'olawe are what I jokingly refer to as a lot of paranoid goats. I've never seen the goats, but I've been told that they exist.  Throughout time I have had friends that have spoken about them.  My son did a humanitarian day with his college, where they did a big clean up of the island.   According to Wikipedia - access to Kaho'olawe requires escort and careful attention within areas know to contain unexploded ordnance.  I do NOT recommend that you go there.  It is best viewed at a distance.  

Instead of going to Kaho'olawe, you can go to the very popular Molokini.  Molokini is a very beautiful and interesting snorkeling destination.  It is interesting because it is in the shape of the crescent moon and you can go there via several different carriers depending on how much you want to spend and how long of a trip you want to go on. It is best to go with your family or at least as a couple.  Most think it is well worth the cost of the trip.

Stay tuned for my next blog, for more gorgeous travel destinations; including the incredible island of Molokai, also known as "The Friendly Isle".

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

If I coulda, woulda, shoulda; That's what folks always say...

Have any of you out there heard that old and luscious song that Lou Rawls sang a few years back?  Well, I'm here to tell you that it is one of the most profound messages that I can think of to speak about in this blog.

What I think Lou is saying is; if I woulda or if I coulda or ultimately, I shoulda done this thing that I was going to do, than maybe my life would have turned out differently.  
Have there not been times in your life when you just thought, "Gosh, I should have gone to the store before the hurricane hit."  Or, "If I would have just been ten pounds thinner, he would have loved me more."  Or maybe, "If I could have just invested a little more wisely; then I..."

The meaning of this song, I believe; speaks of how we all at some time or other feel like we've made a mistake and could have or should have done something differently so as to have an outcome that would have been far greater than what it turned out to be.  

I know for me, that I have said those words many times, although not so much recently.  Honestly, that song changed my way of thinking in such a big way and I am grateful to that wonderful song writer for choosing those words that helped me to expand my horizons and understand that the way I speak needs to be very well thought out  because what you say may very well become reality if you're not careful.

Ultimately what I believe this is about, is living without regrets.  We must try not to regret a single thing that we do and instead, trust ourselves that it is okay to do, to be and to have those things we create; as those things ultimately become weaved into our life and enrich us, so that we can be who we need to be.

Another thought comes to my mind about my very own mother.  She is forever repeating that she should have done something differently and gets extremely irritated with herself, thus creating an unhappy atmosphere for her to have to live within.   She has lived for eighty-seven beautiful and happy years.  In my estimation she only has reason to click her heels in joy for her tremendous fortune, due to her long and beautiful life.

P.S.  Congratulations Mom, for you have been incredibly blessed.  
Happy Birthday.

Self Worth

As I contemplate today's blog; there are so many words in my head that continue to scroll by.  These words are all about self worth; my own, yours, his, hers, every body's.  

Self worth is very necessary.  It is an intrinsic part of who we are.   At times, we all fail to recognize our self worth.   Sometimes we may wonder if we have any worth or value at all.   And, if we do have worth, what is it?  At this moment I have been struggling with discovering my own value and my own self worth.

I have had an incredibly difficult time today. (and in fact, not just today) but I've had such a difficult time today because painful words were used by one of my dearest loved ones.  I cannot comprehend how any child of mine whom I have loved so tenderly and deeply all of his life could turn around and verbally devalue me so as to strike me from my innermost core through to my very soul.  How could you my son strike me so thoroughly and completely?

As I must answer my own questions, I realize that the answer obviously lies within me. The answer to the question is that God has made him to be this incredibly wonderful man/child and it is my duty to teach him and let him fly free to his own destination; whatever he chooses it to be.  What I can do is Love him, Love him, Love him and let him know that he is accepted regardless of what pain I might feel from his words.

-But getting back to my original thoughts which are about self worth.

I know I need to remember my self worth in this time, in this hour, in this day.   Just like the trees and the stars; God gave me the right to be here.

I also need to realize that no one can take my worth away.  It is mine.