Sunday, September 30, 2012


Could there be an Atlantis? What do you think about the claims of Lemuria?
There are many speculations around the existence of sunken continents and sunken civilizations. Some speculations are more fanciful than others. Other claims have been grounded through the rigors of geology and science. And now more than any other time in history we have sophisticated enough equipment to explore these possibilities of past human life below the sea. 

While there are many forms of thought about the existence of past underwater civilizations, from archeologists to new age groups, the human fascination with lost continents continues to allude us. 

Some claim that Lemuria exists underneath the body of water expanding from the North American coast all the way to Australia. Others claim that due to the structure of the tectonic plates in that specific area, the existence of Lemuria is not likely. There have also been claims about the Hawaiian Islands being the surface, the last remnants, of the sunken continent of Mu. Some Hawaiian elders have eventuated that their genealogy lead back to the ancient people of Mu. Yet, everything is open for contention. 

Jacque Cousteau was a well-known, French researcher who explored the possibilities that may lie beneath the sea. His curiosity about the depths of the ocean brought about some "evidence" that under water continents could possibly have existed. In his submarine called the CALYPSO, Jacque Cousteau discovered the existence of stalagmites in under water caves off the shores of the Bahamas. The presence of stalagmites in these under water caves suggests that they were indeed exposed to air. Cousteau estimated that it had been nearly 12,000 years since those caves were above water. How many other land masses might there have been? Were there civilizations that were forced to migrate due to the rising sea levels?  

When looking upon the world of underwater continents, it seems an equal blend of fantasy and reality. The reality of the sunken continent of Zealandia is no stranger than the contested reality of Lemuria. Zealandia, or the New Zealand continent, is known to be 93% below the sea, leaving only 7% exposed. In Hawaii it is well known that much of the island actually rest below the sea level. In these times of noticeable climate change, global warming and increasingly rising sea levels, what could the future hold for us?  Will people of the future one day look at the place we inhabited and wonder who were the strange humans who lived below the sea? Will people look at the ruins of our homes and our shopping malls and wonder "what under water kingdom was this?".

Warmest Wishes from the depths of the sea
come to Atlantis and be with me :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

While listening to the sounds of music…

I became nourished in a way that I did not expect. I came to the realization that music truly is food for the soul. Music can either lighten the spirit or dampen the darkest of days. There are various types of music from reggae to soft rock to classic, each one addresses a different aspect of our emotional needs. 

Melancholy music can be sad, yet beautiful in its own right. Melancholy music is poetic and has it's own creative license. The most melancholy music can also be the most majestic. It reminds me of the mantra my friend once told me: "There is beauty in the pain".  Sometimes the emotional pain we all have to go through produces in us the capacity for gentleness, serenity, sweetness, and tenderness.  We need only remember to look for the beauty within the pain. 

Music can be a spiritual nutrient.  Sometimes it feels like we undergo times of spiritual famine.  In these moments of famine it might be wise to know from where one's spiritual sustenance comes. Music can be the most wondrous food to nourish the mind, body and soul. Music lifts you up and carries you away into a distant land where rhythms are butterflies and songs are the voices of angels. Like veins bring in oxygen and take away the toxins, music brings in light and dispels the darkness. 

With the wings of an angel, we bid you adieu


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Beauty in Pain

Oh happy day
i love it when things are going my way!

yet my fingers my toes have become my many woes
they do not thank but instead they challenge 
my very sense of well-being

this pain, this old nemesis of mine
it no longer arises as it remains a constant
it never leaves this friend of mine, this unholy friend
this terror never leaves 

if the absence of pain makes a good life 
i pray to God that the pain will end

we must take what life gives us 
turning its lemons into lemonade 

where does your paradise lay?
is it lost or is it merely hiding in the fray? 

alway return to the golden flower bed of HAPPINESS, 
just ask and she will gently whisper in return 
that there is always beauty within the pain 

there is always beauty in the pain 
listen for it,
it is there 
keep listening 
you will hear her sing a light tune
there is always beauty in the pain
there is always beauty in the pain 
there is always beauty in the pain 

With my warmest Aloha,