Sunday, April 8, 2012

How Empowering Thoughts Are ~*~

Have you ever challenged your self to consider how thoughts are things? In fact, if you can think it and believe in it, it is only a matter of time until the fruition of your dreams. How creative do you feel? It is up to us to find our own strength of character to make the thoughts happen. In view of all this, the power that lies within us has got to be enormous.

Having said all this lets look at the technical aspects of creating through thought. First we must decide what it is we'd like to focus on. Then, we need to imagine what it feels like to really experience that reality.

For example, I would like to focus on creating more light in my reality. However to do that I need to focus on the PRESENCE of light, rather than the lack there of. If we focus on the 'want' or the 'lack' thats precisely what we'll create.

Rather, we could say to ourselves empowering words such as I AM healthy, I see clearly, I AM loved, I AM empowered. You get the idea.

One last aspect many don't realize is the importance of letting the thought go, like a butterfly that alights. Releasing the thought is a key part of the process. In this way our creation may come back to us. Imagine to have it then you very likely will.

This is the formula for the creation of all that you desire! Just keep your focus and have faith. :)

In honor of Easter and the Ascension of Jesus Christ, I would like to create the thought that the whole world will follow in his steps right through the Gates of Heaven. May your Easter Sunday be blessed by the Holy Spirit :)

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