Friday, October 22, 2010

My Mother, God's Little Angel

I would like to write a little about the woman who brought me into this life, especially considering that her life is seeming that it will be shortened by the attack of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). We never know how long our life will be, nor do we ever know those long searched answers to our most intimate questions. While this makes me feel a heightened sense of sadness, I know that's the way that God made this Earth work and thus we need to live with what the Maker set out before us. I try not to be engulfed in the sadness but in the gladness for having ever known her (my mother). And had I never known her obviously I would not be here to tell the story.

My mother unfortunately took up the terrible idea of smoking while she was in her 20s and it continued on into her 50s and now she's paying the ultimate price by her realizing that this may have cost her her life even though she has had a really long go at it. She has certainly brought in her set of tears but she also has enlightened my life with a lot of laughter and good fun. What more can I say to my dear mother but that I want to say thanks for the good times as well as the tough ones.

I'd like to share a funny story about Kitty, my MOM. She loved to dance, and oh did she love to dance. In fact, my mom was dancing with a gentleman and having a very fun time at it. She danced right off into not a puddle, but a mini pool of water. And to say that she was intoxicated is probably pretty close to correct, however I wasn't there and I'm only here to tell you the story which I find kind of hysterical if you know my mother and her antics at times. She was wet from head to toe and I don't think she was terribly embarassed because of the level of intoxication that she enjoyed that evening. It took my mother a few years to tell me the whole story and I'm sure that I only have part of it correct, however as she tells it it was uproariously funny and so things were very often when my mother was around.

Another fun memory of my mother is how she loves to cook the most horrible things. Namely, everything from gizzards to liver to brains to the most putrid cheeses to anything that particularly smells beyond hope. And then she would eat everything raw. And that is the way that my mother liked to raise me. Even on Halloween she made me eat liver before I was able to go trick or treating. Oh yes this is my mother. There are many more stories about her that I would love to share in future blogs. So stay tuned! :)