Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vacations are a Necessity, not a Luxury

How many of you have been to the redwood forest or vacationed in Disneyworld? What determines the most fun place to vacation? Have any of you, as I call my "readers", ever dreamed of sailing on a big ship for a honeymoon or travelling to the Greek islands or fantasized about going to Tahiti or luxuriating in the Bahamas? I am lucky enough to have traveled to many far off places in my lifetime, and I'd like to tell you a little bit about a few of them because what's more fun than sharing wild and crazy times in far off places? Don't you think?

One of the most incredibly fun places I've enjoyed visiting has been the Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas. WOW! It was a sight to see for sore eyes because it was like sailing off to a place in a very far off land that I never would have imagined existed. The beauty was incomprehensible if you can imagine seeing a pink sand beach right before your eyes that would just about knock your socks off. When it turns to dusk, it even becomes brighter pink, I would call it nothing short of incredible and anyone who has been there would likely say something similar about the Pink Sand Beach.

There were many moments that stand out in my mind as being kind of over the top if you will. On one of the side trips that we took we went to this area known as Atlantis and it was fabulous. You could swim through a shark's cave literally by swimming through a thick plexiglass tunnel with sharks swimming around. I actually went snorkel diving in crystal clear shark infested water by myself with many sharks around! The water was very shark infested and I was not aware at the time that I was swimming with a couple of Tiger Sharks! Thank goodness I did not know because I think I would have been freaked out had I known how many and what kind of sharks were there. But it was beautiful, and I had a BLAST. On top of everything we were told that we were swimming on top of ocean that had multitudes of shipwrecks in the past. Very exciting.

On the dining end of things, we got to eat some lobster and deep fried groper that were to die for. They were so divine that I find it difficult to even describe the taste of these lobsters. The quantity of beautiful food would make you head over heels to ever have an opportunity to go there. Just the lobbies in Atlantis were breathtaking because the colors are exquisite and part of the lobby ceiling was painted in Renaissance style painting. There was gold dripping from the bannisters and the delight in my eyes was clearly easy to see.

There are so many lovely tales and wonderful memories I was able to walk away with from the best vacation I have ever had in my life. I will never forget my trip to the Bahamas and how incredible this world we live in really is with all the beautiful things there are to see and do in this world.

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