Sunday, May 12, 2013

Passing the Batton...

Children are our link to the future, for it is thru them that we live on forever.
Today is may 12, 2013. It has been a joyous day where my Malia love made me breakfast (no less than fresh blueberry pancakes.) She knows what Mom loves.  in turn, I love Malia with all my heart and soul from this day and forever ~n ever n~ever, Amen.
Of course Matthew arrived on Maui by way of Oahu, and there is nothing more special than the love passed on from Mother to son as he is my heart. Matthew Keale Latimer Brock is my first born child and he represents all the blessings that I was afraid to ask for.  My Father was always wanting as son. Matthew represents the strength of character and goodwill toward all people. Keale is my favorite color as it is exactly where the wave breaks, that beautiful neon green, the crest of the wave. He has vibrant green eyes; some might think of them as being magical.
Mother Theresa says we must never kill what God has put in our womb.

Mother Teresa quoted some beautiful language for us all. she said:
 Mother Teresa quotes 
I am the fruition of the strength that came down the line from my mother from my mothers mother. I choose to pass on the torch of strength from my mother's mother to my mother, to me, and on to my daughter.
My Mom is 88 and doing great. She is so like her mother, my grandmother in that she thinks young. My grandmother used to talk about Sex with me. When I was in trouble with a rash and controlling man. My grandmother came to my rescue and let me know I was loved and honored, and that meant the world to me at that moment in time , for me in a way I shall never forget.

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