Sunday, May 5, 2013

At this moment in time we are doing our Absolute Best.

Do not judge less we be judged. 

Everyone is essentially already doing their best. Although there are those who choose to walk a different path, but in that they are still trying to do their best within who they are. Clearly their best may not be thought of by others, but they think  it , for instance there are those who don't realize what they are doing, and the effect that it is having on people around them. At present we are doing our absolute best with all that we know. We need to understand where they are coming from.

I believe that people are already doing their best with all that they know at this point in time, Clearly we can make know our opinions of what they are doing. What really counts is what they feel that they are doing.
The bottom line:
We are continually doing our best with the sum total of our life experiences.
All the rest of it is a bunch of fluff.
People like to tell others how they should feel; if what they are doing is right or wrong. If we look at it in a positive light, that everybody is already doing their best, then we can honor People for what they are already achieving
 If people are being honored for who they are, and how they believe, then the world might be a kinder, more gentle place to be. Negative gossip undermines, causing one to feel less than they are. While healthy  gossip in and of itself is human nature. We are always seeking approval. Where it gets tangled up is when negativity seeks its self. Intentionally derogatory comments kill the human spirit. We just need to understand that everybody is already doing their best. Simplicity is bliss.
Be at peace with ourselves.

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